Mr Bill Folley Collection Vol 3 Metals WAV screenshot

Mr Bill Folley Collection Vol 3 Metals WAV

P2P | 09 March 2018 | 100 MB

This metal-themed, foley pack is exactly as it sounds. FUCKING METAL! These samples are perfect for layering with percussion & transient-based elements to take your average, saggy, 6/10 beat into a mechanical monster that’ll make your friends be like “Woah, did you smack a mormon wearing a chastity belt in the dick with the trucks of your skateboard, record it with an Olympus LS10 field recorder, run away & then layer that on your snare!?”, to which you’ll respond “No, but thank you for asking”.

Spanning over 369 samples totaling 157 MB of disk space, these 44.1kHz, 24-bit files range from percussive, metallic, warehouse recordings such as the sounds of 44-gallon drums, bins being treated like the trash receptacles they are, machinery (such as circular saws), thermos’, storage containers, mesh grates through to the ASMR qualities from nuts & bolts & foil!
Never complain to me that your production doesn’t have enough hard-edged detail to it ever again, because I’ll just link you to this pack & tell you to layer it on your drums! :p