Acoustic Blues 5 DVD Set screenshot Acoustic Blues 5 DVD Set - Acoustic Blues 5 DVD Set
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Video: MP4 (includes 10 Jamtracks), 640x480 (4:3), 1154 Kbps, 29.970 fps | 2,62 Gb
Audio: MP3, 128 Kbps, 44100 Khz, 2 channels | Length: 5h

Imagine sitting down with the blues master himself in the dark recesses of a texas dive bar as he breaks down his most prized licks just for you...
What if BB king sauntered over with his cherished rosewood GIBSON guitar 'LUCILLE' on break at a seedy backwoods jukejoint just to pull up a bar stool to discuss his ideas to bring soulful expression to your blues solos... wouldn't that be AWESOME?

Acoustic Blues DVD 1:
DVD ONE will get you vamping with my personal tour of what I like to call “The Land of A7”, along with its evil stepbrother, “The Land of E7”. (This is something I’ve never demonstrated on a YouTube video, by the way.)

Once you have these new chord style embellishments, I will show you how to infuse blazing licks into your blues while comping with chords. these 'fills' will really add a new dimension whether playing by yourself or with friends

Acoustic Blues DVD 2:
How to play acoustic Blues in other keys, and the bag of tricks that works for each one. For instance, there are some super cool tricks you can use in the key of G Blues that sound way harder than they actually are to play. No need to tell your highly impressed friends that, of course!

One of the things that makes acoustic blues special, is the ability to emphasize the open strings. I will show you my favorite 'open string' ideas that will add a new dimension and make the acoustic guitar shimmer with awesomeness.

This DVD is also the start of beginner slide playing. learn alternate tunings for slide guitar, and the most exciting yet easy techniques associated with this style. once you have shredded the slide lessons, we explore blues techniques in Drop D tuning as well as open G. these alternate tunings are great when you are feeling in a rut and will stimulate new creativity.

Acoustic Blues DVD 3:
ALMOST TWO full hours of nothing but achingly hot acoustic Blues licks. You’ll learn all my favorites, along with a ton of others. In this amazing DVD I put together an awesome set of need to know guitar licks in the various Blues styles and genres.

These guitar licks can be played anywhere on the guitar neck.

I break each blues guitar lick down for you step by step and we will have a lot of fun together jamming three out.

Acoustic Blues DVD 4:
An entire DVD on Fingerstyle Blues. In this intro-level instruction, I give you all the most important finger patterns and chord movements you’ll need. I not only took recent extra instruction myself to make this the best lesson possible, I even brought in two other expert players to make this the Ultimate Fingerstyle 101.

I will teache you the most important guitar chords most associated with fingerstyle blues, plus I break down the most common finger picking patterns which are the building blocks to sound like the legends of old time blues.

I then introduce 2 of my good friends who are masters in the style of guitar play, Tony Brucco and Ben Powell, they will teach multiple modules on their approach to fingerstyle blues, including cool progressions, licks, and some classic fingerstyle blues turnarounds.

Acoustic Blues DVD 5:
All my best acoustic Blues lessons from YouTube onto one disc. No more searching far and wide – you’ll have my top acoustic Blues lessons on one DVD organized in a logical sequence.

These videos are BEST IN SHOW Acoustic Blues which include lessons on scales, licks, chords, progressions, and even some slide and fingerstyle. This DVD is loaded with acoustic blues golden nuggets of wisdom.

10 Smooth Blues Jam Tracks:
Could there be a better tool to help you master your guitar solos than Jamtracks inspired by your favorite artists?
I don't think so...

TEN awesome downloadable jam tracks that you can use to back any practice session you want. This means you can practice day or night without needing a friend sitting next to you playing rhythm.

More practice = YOU getting better!

Acoustic Blues Jam Track 1 in the Key of E
5 minutes 33 seconds
Acoustic Blues Jam Track 2 in the Key of E
5 minutes 36 seconds
Acoustic Blues Jam Track 3 in the Key of E
5 minutes 2 seconds
Acoustic Blues Jam Track 4 in the Key of G
5 minutes 20 seconds
Acoustic Blues Jam Track 5 in the Key of G
4 minutes 44 seconds
Acoustic Blues Jam Track 6 in the Key of G
4 minutes 57 seconds
Acoustic Blues Jam Track 7 in the Key of D
5 minutes 20 seconds
Acoustic Blues Jam Track 8 in the Key of D
5 minutes 9 seconds
Acoustic Blues Jam Track 9 in the Key of D
5 minutes 11 seconds
Acoustic Blues Jam Track 10 in the Key of A
5 minutes 36 seconds
This Jam Tracks collection will put you on the road to guitar mastery. Playing to backing tracks will help you improve your timing plus more importantly it makes practice fun. Acoustic Blues 5 DVD Set screenshot Acoustic Blues 5 DVD Set screenshot