Sony SpectraLayers Pro v2.1.32 MAC OSX INTEL screenshot

Sony SpectraLayers Pro v2.1.32 MAC OSX INTEL

DYNAMiCS | 2.2.2014 | 42.19 MB

SpectraLayers Pro 2 is the revolutionary, award-winning software application that stands as the undisputed leader in today's audio spectrum editing movement. Extracting, layering, and processing audio in the spectral realm is now even quicker and easier in SpectraLayers Pro 2, which features a significantly faster processing engine, seamless interoperability with Sound Forge Pro 11, and a host of new tools, methodologies, and user interface improvements for even more convenience, creative options, and enhanced workflow. Spectral editing capability is now an expected, essential, and affordable tool for all audio professionals. Take it to the extreme with SpectraLayers Pro 2–available for both Mac and PC.

SpectraLayers Pro 2.1 New Features:

Free update for registered SpectraLayers Pro 2.0 users; purchase price unchanged.

Interoperability with Sound Forge Pro Mac. Effortlessly move audio data between
SpectraLayers Pro and Sound Forge Pro Mac and enjoy the strengths of both programs in a seamless process.

Reverb removal process. Reduce or eliminate reverb in the spectral domain with just a few clicks.

Improved noise reduction algorithm. Subtract more noise with less impact on the program material.

Noise reduction process option. Send program material directly to a new layer.

Audio Master Suite Mac

Value. Buy Sound Forge Pro Mac and SpectraLayers Pro together and save.

Comprehensive. Take advantage of the benefits of waveform and spectral editing in a seamless environment.