Foundations of Audio Compression and Dynamic Processing UPDATE TUTORiAL

Foundations of Audio Compression and Dynamic Processing UPDATE TUTORiAL

SYNTHiC4TE | Jan 13 2013 | 2.92 GB

In this first installment of the Foundations of Audio series, author Brian Lee White shows how to improve the sound of a mix with compressors, limiters, gates, de-essers, and other dynamic processors. The course explains the fundamentals of sound waves, and amplitude, explores common compressor controls, and shows how to eliminate unwanted noise using gates and expanders. The course also demonstrates best practices in compression and limiting in a variety of audio applications and covers sculpting the attack and decay of individual notes with transient shapers and applying frequency specific dynamics control with multiband compressors. Exercise files accompany the course and include special Get in the Mix session files.

Topics include:

Measuring amplitude
Understanding dynamic range
Introducing compressors
Utilizing compression ratios
Applying attack and release
Evening out a vocal performance with compression
Adding punch and sustain to drums
Using compression presets intelligently
How to record with compression
Solving common mix problems with limiters
De-essing a vocal track
Using gates and expanders
Controlling frequency content with multiband compressors
Using sidechains creatively
Keying gates and compressors
Fixing overcompressed tracks
Using mixbus compression
Working with parallel compression
Compression and limiting best practices

Project file are included

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