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Truefire - Ravi\'s Guitar Lab 30 Rock & Pop Progressions You Must Know

Truefire - Ravi's Guitar Lab: 30 Rock & Pop Progressions You Must Know (2011)
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As a course of study, Guitar Lab: Rock & Pop Progressions will reveal the underlying theory and harmonic application of what is commonly referred to as the Nashville numbering system. So much more than just a way to communicate a series of changes, the system also guides your understanding of the harmonic relationship between the chords in that series of changes.

As a reference guide, Guitar Lab: Rock & Pop Progressions presents 30 of the most popular progressions used in rock and pop music. You hear them all the time, you just can't identify them yet. Get a grip on these 30 progressions and you'll be able to recognize them instantly making it real easy to learn new tunes.

As an inspirational tool, Guitar Lab: 30 Rock & Pop Progressions will light your fire. If you learn to think of a progressions as a painter thinks of a canvas, then you will appreciate how so many songs can use the same progression and still sound distinctive. Your first baby step towards creative songwriting.

Ravi's professional credits are very impressive; the guitarist, singer and songwriter has performed on the stages of Madison Square Garden, Louisiana Superdome, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Rosie O'Donnell, Today Show, Good Morning America, Saturday Night Live and even a White House Christmas party for President Clinton.

'I've organized the chord progressions into four sections and then within each section, I'll dissect the common variations and chord substitutions ultimately yielding 30 unique progressions. As a player or accompanist, your ear will more easily learn to identify chord progressions through reason and deduction (and muscle memory) rather than memorizing arbitrary sequences of chords. Moreover, this will also help you understand songwriters' tendencies so that you can better anticipate chord movements. Although this is not a technique course, I do include a few guitar-centric techniques to help you spice things up as you play your favorite songs, jam with the band, or write the next big hit!'

Guitar Lab: 30 Rock & Pop Progressions Syllabus
Theory Primer: Chord Theory
The I-vi Progression
The I-IV Progression
The I-IV Delayed Change Progression
The vi-IV Progression
The I-ii Progression
The I-ii-I-IV Ascending Bass Progression
The I-IV-V Progression
The I-IV-V-IV Progression
The I-IV-V Dominant Chords Progression
The I-IV-V Power Chords Progression
The I-vi-IV-V Progression
The I-IV-I-V Progression
The I-IV-vi-V Progression
The I-V Progression
The I-V-I-IV Progression
The I-iii-vi-IV Progression
The I-V-IV Progression
The I-V-IV-V Progression
The I-V-IV-V Descending Bass Progression
The I-V-vi-V-IV-V Descending Bass Progression
The I-V-ii Progression
The vi-V-IV Progression
The I-V-vi-IV Progression
The V-IV or I-bVII Progression
The V-IV-I Progression
The V-IV-I Key of G Progression
The V-IV-I Descending Bass Progression
The vi Descending Half Steps Progression
The Suspended Chords Progression
The Circle of Progressions

Whatever your level of play or preferred style, if your understanding of chord progressions is a bit weak or even rough around the edges, Guitar Lab: 30 Rock & Pop Progressions will take you to school and open your eyes and ears in a hurry!


Truefire - Ravi Truefire - Ravi